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What We Do

We work to support community journalism through several support applications and royalty streams. By converting traditional statewide press clipping services into digital systems, newspapers and press associations can take advantage of free digital archiving programs, enhanced tear sheeting systems, public notice placement websites, and more.

Digital Archiving

Preserve and protect your publications with digital archiving services.

Content Monetization

Trust one of America’s largest print monitoring companies with creating a new revenue stream for your paper or press association.

E-Edition Hosting

E-edition hosting services are user friendly, affordable and allow your readers to access their news anywhere 24/7.

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Why Newz Group

  • Ease of Use

    Publisher-centric applications provide a user-friendly interface with intuitive features, making accessibility easy for users of all skill levels. Navigation is straightforward and simple, making it a breeze to use.

  • Security

    Newz Group maintains a high standard of technical security to protect the systems that process, host, and manage the content that newspapers entrust us with.  Access to archives is secured behind a login portal and can only be accessed by member publication approved users.

  • Preservation

    One of Newz Group’s core publication services is archiving content to preserve history and reduce the burden of storage for our partners. Your publications are backed up at multiple locations and secured behind login portals. Only the users you choose can access your content. For systems that preserve archives of editions, redundancy is crucial. Press Services archives are stored in multiple redundant storage systems to ensure backups are reliable and retained.

  • Support

    Our dedicated team is passionate about providing excellent customer service. You’ll always get a response from a specialized team member who is committed to helping find solutions to any issues that arise and answering any questions to help build understanding and knowledge.

Explore our Press Solutions:

Whether you are sitting on years or even decades of digital newspaper files or scans, we provide a secure solution that makes them more accessible.

Leverage and monetize your articles in the secondary market through our digital press clipping service.

Making your publication accessible online is easy, seamless, and offers an electronic replica of your print edition. 

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